VISaldo 1.1

VISaldo 1.1: Banc balance for your Budget with support of MS Access database Operations are stored in a true database (MS Access mdb file); - no limits for a number of Operations (millions and more); - fields in an Operation record are: Date, From, To, Sum, Comment; - no limits for a texts stored in a Comment Memo-field for every Operation; - categories of Operations are stored automatically; - possibility to set a Dates range for a list of Operations and Balance; - possibility to save a list of Operations and Balance to

Image Operation 1.2: New mechanism of batch image process and conversion, extensible tool and library
Image Operation 1.2

operation in this software is a sequence of image processes. Use Image Operation, you can assemble a set of image process to an image operation. And then apply the image operation to many image files selected from windows explorer, including in sub-dirs. Current version includes 23 image type read, 10 types write, 31 process and you can extend with your process. You can use image types, processes, operations, dialog of the Image Operation in your

convert, library, process, image, graphics, explorer, format, batch, operation, conversion

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EMCO Remote Shutdown Starter 2.2.0

operation you need to execute. You can choose reboot or shutdown operation from the list. Second step - choose PCs where operation will be executed. Third step - press a button for immediate operation execution or put it to schedule for automatic execution in defined date and time. KEY FEATURES - Remote management of one or many PCs in the network; - Execution of Shutdown and Reboot operations on remote PCs; - Operations scheduling for automatic

network tools, poweroff, reboot, network, remote shutdown, logoff, admin tools

UtilCalc 1.3: UtilCalc displays on the screen every step of your operations.
UtilCalc 1.3

UtilCalc displays on the screen every step of your operations.You can verify all data of an operation have been entered correctly.With UtilCalc you can edit and change all the rows of an operation.It possible to add text labels. You can save full operations in the memory of your device.Functions: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, root, square, Exponential, Inverse and Percentatges

pocket pc, calculator, full screen

CalculatorX 1.2 .6688: CalculatorX - The Enhanced Expression Calculator
CalculatorX 1.2 .6688

operation - Logic and Bitwise operation - Relation operation - Built-In Functions - Constant support, such as PI, E, TRUE, FALSE etc. - Alias for operators and functions, eg."sh" and "hsin" is the same function - Unlimited nesting for expression - The mixed operation for Binary, Octal, Decimal and HEXadecimal numbers - Table/Array operation support - "Simulate the exact value" operation - Scientific notation for numerical value - Custom variable

base n, expression calculator, evaluate, custom function, expression parsing, formulas, scientific calculator, scientific notation, enhanced expression calculator, calculatorx

ParmisPDF Professional 4.1: ParmisPDF is a perfect PDF tool with batch operation feature.
ParmisPDF Professional 4.1

ParmisPDF is a perfect PDF tool with batch operation feature. Giving you the ability to perform wide range of operation on PDF documents, comprising a user-friendly interface ideal for users of any skill level. This application is useful for students, small and large businesses, and other organizations that want to increase productivity in their organization. |

flatten form, word to pdf, page count, find, footer, stamp, password, rtf to pdf, watermark, create, pdf search, image to pdf, encryption

Distribute Virtual Disk Enterprise 1.4: A network disk & RAID system, maps disks from one computer to others...
Distribute Virtual Disk Enterprise 1.4

operation. But all the operation only work local, do not affect to the server. DSCSI provided virtual write technology, what’s the virtual write mean? That is, the user may carry on some operation (read, write, etc) while using the disks, but all operations only affect himself/herself rather than affect the others using same source disks. And all the operation is transparently to users. Architecture: DSCSI is build with the architecture of Client

distribute disk, network disk, distribute file system, idisk, iscsi

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